About The Gallery

Sophie D. Real Art Gallery is an online Gallery created by the artist Sophie D. Real herself during The Coronavirus Pandemic. In order to share her art work with more people, she decided to learn to build and design her own website for an online gallery. In this online Gallery you can see many of her interesting works. From time to time she will  host an exhibition of her new paintings here on this website under the section Exhibition. All art lovers and interested parties are welcome.

About The Art Work by Sophie D. Real

The freedom to express how one feels, what one thinks and be able to reflect through one´s own work has been a treasure to her. “Dance freely on the open canvas” is the only rule that D. Real follows in her art work. She sees each of her painting as a new and independent life, the excitement of painting, to her, is that each time she paints she has the feeling of experiencing a new life from beginning to end. Thus the more she paints, the more lives she experiences. Reincarnation through art.

She dances with no draft, no expectation, no end game, creating organic accidents and discoveries with each drop and lick of paint. Motivated by the great general desire to express herself timelessly, however large or limited the space, however challenging or unfathomable the structure, the references or the meaning.

In this way, D. Real wholly embrace the philosophy of one of her favourite philosophers Schopenhauer, that “one can do what one wants but one cannot want what one wants.” Setting aside the illusion of free will, her reality is to express herself freely rather than to struggle to execute a direct goal. To remain aware that all we have is to continue painting or to leave the canvas blank. So she continues freely with her rhythmic impulse on the music of canvas. The results can be surprising, even beautiful.